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  • SCV1 application form (download here) submitted to MECAL together with the certification fee, (amounts detailed on  application form). This provides MECAL with contact & vessel details & code requirement. This information is added to our database
  • A code specification is then issued as instructed by MECAL Technical Dept (usually for 1st application but can be issued for 5 year renewal on request & at no additional cost). This is to assist in preparing the vessel for compliance examination and enables survey time & thus cost to be minimized
  • MECAL appoints the nearest appropriately qualified surveyor (to keep costs to a minimum)
  • Formal “Request for Survey” is sent to surveyor with full supporting information, including the vessel specification
  • The surveyor makes contact with client to make arrangements to carry out the survey/s
  • Any survey defects that require to be corrected are listed on a “Survey Defect List” which is handed to the client at each survey. This details the defects & shows priority & time limits for each item & how the corrective action is to be verified (owner statement/photos-receipts/re-survey, according to seriousness of the defect)
  • When the examination is completed the surveyor issues the Document of Compliance SCV2 to MECAL for scrutiny, together with his survey invoice
  • MECAL will then invoice the client for the survey fees
  • When all survey defects are clear & all fees paid, MECAL will issue the appropriate Certificate and MECAL annual identification disc with the SCV2 document (record of vessel & equipment)