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  • The MECAL Technical Department provides the necessary support to owners, designers, builders & our worldwide network of surveyors & naval architects to cover all aspects of vessel design, build & operation
  • Our senior personnel are ex Class Society surveyors & Naval Architects well versed in applying the high standards necessary for the particularly wide ranging aspects of the different types of vessels
  • We are technically competent to formally assess the design & build of all vessels to any recognised standard
  • We specialise in the Overseeing & Superintendency of newbuild refit and repair projects
  • We can advise on all matters relating to vessel build and operation and the legal framework of statutory certification

Mecal offers technical advice based on our considerable experience in the field of small commercial vessel certification. Our advice is given in good faith but is not to be considered as exhaustive or as a substitute for good marine practice. Where there is a percieved conflict between advice given by Mecal or its agents and any statutory requirements then the latter must be considered as taking precedence.