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How long does a code certificate last?

The usual “term” of a small commercial vessel certificate is five years but can be issued for shorter periods.

Do I have to have a survey every year?

This will depend on the type of vessel you have and the Category of water you operate in. In general if you have a vessel which requires a stability book (“complex vessel”) or you operate in Category 1 or 0 waters or have >15 persons on board (including crew) then an annual survey will be required. There are other instances where this would be required but these are vessel specific.

When are the annual fees due?

These are due on the anniversary of your certificate date. Mecal will send you a reminder approx 6-8 beforehand so there is no need worry about missing this, although it is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to have a current certificate.

Do I have to pay a stability fee every year?

No, this is a one off payment, unless of course your boat or operation changes which requires a re- assessment.

Which Code do I need to be coded under?

This will depend on the type and age of the vessel you have and the standards it meets. We generally use MGN280 for motor vessels and sailing vessels. Workboats can be coded under the MGN280 or the Brown code and new builds under the New Workboat Code as published.

Will Maritime Labour Convention Law apply to my vessel?

MLC only applies if you operate in foreign/international waters or from a foreign port or if your vessel has a Category 1 or 0 Certificate. We are happy to discuss your individual MLC requirements to make it as painless a process as possible.

How long does it take for Mecal to issue the certificate?

Our office can turn around a certificate within 24hrs if all paperwork received & fees paid

How long does it take to carry out a structural design or stability book approval?

This can be done within a week if all information has been received; sometimes within 24hrs

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