Fishing Vessels

Fishing Vessel Guidance

Mecal has been granted temporary Fishing Vessel Certifying Authority Status.

This enables us to provide New Build and Outfit surveys on UK Registered Fishing vessels that are under 12m

We follow strict adherence to the required Regulations and our surveys are controlled from our head office in Plymouth.

Our processes form part of our LRQA ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

The basic procedure is set out below:

  1. The applicant (whether that is builder or outfitter or owner) should complete an FV1 application form which is found in the customer corner of our website.
  2. On receipt of this application Mecal will supply a quote for our services. (This will not include the surveyors travel and expenses which will be agreed and billed direct to the surveyor)  
  3. On approval of the quote a surveyor will be assigned to visit your vessel.
  4. Reports will be sent to the applicant along with the invoice for payment.
  5. Upon receipt of payment reports will be sent to the MCA as required.
  6. After the final survey and receipt of all monies due, a certificate of hull construction and/or and outfit certificate will be issued to the applicant and the MCA.
  7. This is where our process ends.
  8. The MCA then have their own process to follow to confirm registration as a fishing vessel. This can take several weeks. We have no control over this process or the time it takes.

New builds must be built in accordance with the latest guidelines and regulations for new build fishing vessels – details can be found here

Fishing Vessel Pre-Registration Surveys – Guidance

If you have a pre-existing vessel you want Registered with the MCA as a fishing vessel you will need to have a pre-registration survey by a Fishing Vessel Certifying Authority or the MCA.

Below are some bullet points to assist you with the process that Mecal follows:

  1. Your vessel must have a Seafish Hull Construction Certificate if it was built between 2007 – and June 2020.
  2. If your vessel was build prior to 2007 this is not required.
  3. We will need to know what type of fishing you intend to do and what equipment you have on board.
  4. Your vessel must meet the requirements of MGN628
  5. You should initially contact one of our surveyors, direct for a consultation about whether your vessel will meet the requirements – this is likely to be chargeable with an invoice direct from the surveyor.
  6. You should only approach Mecal with an application once the surveyor has confirmed your vessel is suitable for a full  Pre-Registration survey .
  7. Once your survey is done and the invoice paid we send your report to the MCA for them to approve.
  8. This is the end of our process and the beginning of their process.
  9. The MCA process of approval and submission to Registry takes several weeks – and we have no influence over that process or the length of time it takes.


For a One Stop Shop for answers to Fishing Vessel queries please visit: Safety of fishing vessels and crew – GOV.UK (