Alan Cartwright

  • Location: Southampton
  • Region: Hampshire
Simple Motor/Sail RHIBS Complex Motor/Sail Traditional Wooden Inland Freight Inland Small PV Offshore Service Vessels Complex Workboat < 500 T Vessel (b) Large Yacht *LYC) MLC IMCA Others (a)
Annual/others (a)
Initial Compliance
New-build Surveys
Simple Stability (Heel Test/STOPS)
Inclining/Lightship FB Tests
Tonnage < 24M
Tonnage > 24M
Hull Materials
Steel Aluminium GRP Wood Advanced Composite Ferro
  • Insurance surveys for condition & damage
  • Condition surveys for purchase
  • new build & repair supervision (steel, aluminium, FRP and advanced composite workboats and sailing vessels, including charter vessels)
  • large yacht consultancy
  • ship consultancy (workboats and small passenger vessels, including yachts)
  • on/off hire surveys
  • towage surveys
  • warranty surveys
  • valuation surveys
  • Machinery/systems surveys
  • IMCA e-CMID Inspections
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